Cooking with Dave is a way for author David Nash to share recipes and experiments. His intent is to share his journey he and his family learns how to be healthy, frugal, and prepared.

In this attempt to share knowledge, he is joined by his entire family.

Genny is Dave’s long suffering wife and when not cleaning up his messes, she shares her healthy lifestyle recipes.

Her particular focus is on meals that are consistent with the 21 Day Fix living plan.  To this end Genny is a Beach Body Coach.

Over the last year Genny has made tremendous change by loosing over 80 pounds though a simple plan of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

She has not been able to make the changes stick with Dave as he won’t give up Cheesecake.

Little W.T. also helps the family in content creation.  His sense of humor and infectious laugh make up for his stubborn streak…

He loves helping in the kitchen, and he gets excited when asked to cook.

Unfortunately that excitement does not translate to eating, as no matter how awesome a meal his daddy cooks, WT always asks for a cheese roll up.

We appreciate your visit to Cooking with Dave, and hope you find our content as useful as we found it enjoyable to share.