7 Piece Portion Control Container Kit

This Portion Control Container Kit is something we use quite regularly at my house.  My wife is a 21 day fix coach. She uses her 21 day fix containers and videos to loose TONS of weight.

She is a convert, and while I am not ready to do the exercise videos every day, I see how her portion containers make healthy eating easy, and since I needed clear containers for my lunch (I work in a prison and see through is a must to get through security)

These are not 21 day fix containers, and my wife is mad at me for showing stuff not from her plan, but they are much cheaper, and when star approached me about reviewing them, I jumped at the chance to get them, as I wanted my own set, but did not want to spend the money for a 21 day fix set.

As I said in the video, My wife uses these for portion control as part of her healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, I use them to measure and hold ingredients as I cook.  I like having a lot of measured containers that I can fill with chopped vegetables, cheese, and other ingredients.

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