How to Start Canning Bacon

Bacon is one of those items you just cannot replace.  While you can buy canned bacon it costs an arm and a leg.  Therefore when I started hearing about how to start canning bacon I just had to try it.

The way we are going to use is today is to show how use bacon pieces to start canning bacon.  The video shows ends and pieces,  However Rural Revolution has an in depth post on canning whole bacon strips.

Bacon end pieces are a lot cheaper.  Also, since canned bacon won’t get crispy, I did not want to “waste” strips.  This bacon is perfect for flavoring beans or greens.

Basically it’s pretty simple, divide your end pieces, stuff them raw into your canning jars (bacon is packed both dry and raw) then process your jars at 10 pounds for 90 minutes.

This works great, but I would not want to “waste” my homemade bacon.  It will give you more shelf life.  Unfortunately, this increase comes with reduced quality.  It does work better than my canned hotdogs though.  I suspect that has something to do with the solid nature of bacon and the quality of my hotdogs.

Either way canning bacon is a useful skill.  Hope this is helpful.

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