Tip for Easily Coring Strawberries

So simple, not many words are needed. When I saw this tip on coring strawberries I thought it was the most innovative thing I had seen in a long time.

My wife disapointed me when she said “everyone knows this…” I didn’t know it, so I am sharing it…

Take a straw and a whole strawberry and push straw through the bottom of the strawberry.  This will make the core pop right out.

If you wonder why I shared I a tip that “everyone already knew” its simple.  I hope that this website helps people learn stuff.  I also want it to be a place people can visit for answers to questions they have.  In reality, it is more a documentary of my journey from a guy that read about things to become a guy that does things.  I did not know how to use a strawberry as a strawberry coring aid, so when I did learn I shared it.

It does take a learning curve to use a straw when coring strawberries.  However, it is not hard.  You don’t want to bend the straw with too much force.  This dies save some berry when you compare it to using a knife.

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