Dried Beef Bites

Today’s post is something I have not seen anywhere else, it’s not my original idea (a coworker at the prison’s girlfriend used to make them for him when her husband was out of town).

Whatever the source, these Dried Beef Bites are great at parties and well worth making.

Even if I disagreed with my co-workers method of getting these dried beef bites, I almost started rooting for the husband to go out of town, as these things are very good.


  • Jar of fried beef (small 3 inch circles of sliced beef that are like an unflavored pepperoni/jerky)
  • Softened cream cheese
  • Bundle of green onions


  • Cut the roots off of the ends of your green onions
  • Place a large dollop of cream cheese on the center of a slice of dried beef
  • Center the end of the onion on the slice of dried beef (perpendicularly) and wrap the beef around the onion end

Insert the whole blob of beef in your mouth and biting the onion in two.  It tastes extremely good…

Alternatively I have found this site which describes an alternate recipe (which is easier, but not prettier, way of doing a similar thing)…
Hope you enjoy this.

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