Egg Sunshine

As you can guess, my wife thinks I experiment too much in the kitchen, she may appreciate THAT I cook, but she has a hard time appreciating WHAT I cook.

However, every once in a while I will hold my mouth right and make something she rules fit to make again.

Egg Sunshine is one of those recipes.

This recipe is a very basic breakfast meal that is easy enough to allow kids to cook (with supervision), and while it is not a “food storage meal” per se, it uses ingredients that are easily made from food storage ingredients (the bread), and/or easily produced or traded for (eggs).

In egg sunshine you are simply pan toasting a slice of bread in a skillet. The bread has the center cut out to hold a raw egg.

As the bread toasts the egg fries and it is a novel way of making breakfast.

I used to butter the bread, and always made a mess buttering the second side. Now I normally use a small amount of oil to get the same effect.

I also use a shot glass to punch out the center (after letting it fry a second).  Which is both prettier and easier than my old method of cutting out a square with a knife.

We would probably fight over the toasted centers of bread.  However, whenever I am home early enough to make breakfast, it is Genny’s day off.  This means she is asleep and I don’t share….

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