Start Freezing Hamburger in Bulk


Today’s Bulk Hamburger Storage tip will help you start freezing hamburger.  This tip that allows you to break off smaller quantities without having to thaw the entire package.

We buy our meat in bulk.  That means we have to do some repackaging of large packs into smaller amounts.  If we don’t break up the meat into smaller segments it makes it hard to thaw out what we need.

In the video we take 2 pounds of ground meat and put it in a gallon zip lock freezer bag.

  • First of all, push out all the air in the bag.
  • Next, form the meat into a uniform thickness and shape.
  • Then take a long skinny utensil (chopsticks work well) and form uniform blocks by pressing down through the meat and pressing the utensil down to the counter-top.
  • Finally, freeze the bag taking care not to press the blocks back together, and then when you need a small amount of meat you can open the bag and break off a piece at the scored lines.

Because using a long straight edge forces the meat out of the way as it pressed the two sides of the bag together, you can break off pieces of meat.  Rather like a block of chocolate.

Finally, I hope tip for freezing hamburger is useful to you.

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