French Press Review

I have never used a french press before.  However, the Alabama Tornado made me realized that having a non-electric coffee maker is something preppers should have.

My in-laws used a lot of gasoline for the sole purpose of having the coffee maker running.  Having a french press or a campfire percolator would allow them to have there coffee without the noisy generator.

When Kona asked me to review their french press I was grateful for the opportunity. (they supplied the press, but they aren’t paying for the review).

I found the press to be very simple, and I liked how the press is made of wire screen, and is replaceable (it came with extra, but I think you could also make it).

What I did not like was the fact that the container was glass.  While this might not be an issue for normal usage, this isn’t something you would take camping.

Since I don’t drink coffee, I tried tea.  After drinking french press tea, I went and bought loose tea.  I did this because I thought it tasted much better than what comes out of my “Mr. T” tea machine.

Add in my video on adding a touch of baking soda to sweet tea and you have the makings of some really great sweet tea.

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