Putting Kefir in Baby Bottles

Putting Kefir in baby bottles is something that I think is useful.  I am sharing the information.  Please research this before you use it.

I have a friend that is trained in toxicology.  He is also an awesome home brewer and creator of all manner of Charcuterie.  I will admit that if I got this idea from Joe Snuffie on the internet I would not try it.  However I trust my source and he does it with his own baby.

So my friend and I were talking about kids and the conversation turned to how his child had started “hiding” baby bottles around the house.  He told me how nasty an old bottle of milk could get. I could just see the rising expense of baby bottles, as my wife would never let me reuse a bottle that once held moldy rotted milk.

My friend sympathized and shared a tip he uses,.  He puts a small kefir grain in with the formula.

Basically all he is doing is inoculating the milk to control the bacteria in it.  The baby drinks all he wants before the milk turns to kefir (which takes 30 days or so), and if the half drunk bottle disappears behind the couch the good bacteria in the kefir in baby bottles overpowers the nasty bacteria that makes the milk turn black and nasty.

Kefir is a pro-biotic, which is something a baby needs anyway, so the small amount in the milk could be argued as beneficial to baby, even though I posit that the small amount is relatively neutral.

Now, as a disclaimer – this isn’t for infants – this is for toddlers who are old enough to tolerate honey because of a more established bacterial culture in their intestines.  Also before you trust your baby’s health to some crazy internet guy – run this past their pediatrician.  I am not a doctor, I just think this is a neat idea.

It wasn’t long after I got this tip that my WT started hiding his bottles.  I tried putting kefir in baby bottles because the mess was horrible.  It worked well.  It definitely made the old bottles easier to clean.  The kefir grains did not cause my boy any problems in his bottle.

Kefir does have some health benefits, and is a healthy drink in itself.  But the idea behind this is for the child to drink the milk before the kefir culture truly forms.  The kefir is in the bottle to prevent a mess if the bottle is hid.  I am not advocating feeding kids a full kefir drink.

Once again, before you do this or any other tip, please consult your pediatrician.  What I do for my child may not be appropriate for yours.

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