Proper Way to Measure Flour


In most countries, flour is measured by weight.  In America we tend measure flour by volume.

It is much easier to measure by volume. Unfortunately it is not as accurate way to measure.  This is because the flour may mound over the cup or it may pack down.

The best way to accurately measure flour by volume is to spoon the flour into the measuring cup.  Next use the flat side of a knife to scrape along the top of the cup.  This smoothly ensures a repeatable measurement without packing the flour.

The thing you need to worry about when getting cups to measure flour this way is to ensure you use a flat topped measuring cup like the ones pictured rather than one for liquids.

You need the flat top to be able to accurately scrape the excess flour.  Once again, do not pack the flour into the container as it will add more flour than the recipe calls for.

Learning this technique really helped my baking skill.  Two other things that immeasurably helped are:

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