Campfire Roasted Rolo Marshmallow

Here is a simple campfire trick that is sure to make you a hero with the kids.

If you are roasting marshmallows on the fire, poke a hole in the center of it and insert a mini Rolo. (I am sure you could substitute plain chocolate or other mini candybar).

Rolo Marshmallow’s are a treat that will make you a hero in your kids eyes.  Its even something that your wife may give you a little credit for…

The caramel and chocolate of Rolo will melt inside thee marshmallow and turn into a gooey tasty mess.

It’s like a s’more with caramel, especially if you eat it with graham cracker (well then it is a s’more with caramel)

Once again, I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but this was good.  I did not find it as good as the roasted starbursts.  However, Rolo Marshmallow are definately something to bring to the camping trip.

My wife likes these marshmallows better than I did.  And while I haven’t had the chance to expose WT to sampfire cooking, something tells me he will like them also.

Remember the concept is wide open to adaptation.  We use hershey kisses as well as rolos.  Now that they sell candy-bar bites, the possibilities are huge.

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