Zaycon Chicken

I have heard about zaycon foods for some time, and have wondered about it, so as my freezer became emptied of my last bulk purchase of beef,

I decided to try out a package of zaycon chicken.

My first impressions of their food is very positive.  The chicken came in a high quality box.  The chicken inside the box sealed in an outer bag, and then in 4 smaller bags.

The breasts were large, uniform, and tasty.  The only thing I would have done different was when sealing them using my food saver, I should have remembered to bag and then freeze in an open bag before vacuum sealing.

The sealer vacuum sucked some of the chicken juice into the seals.  This caused a few bad seals.

As I do this again I will try other methods of sealing.


I have bought food from Zaycon many more times since my initial chicken purchase.  Each time I ended up buying more.  Having a freezer full of meat is a good feeling.  Furthermore, we got used to the comfort of knowing we had chicken in the freezer.  It made suppers less stressful.

In conclusion, Zaycon has great quality food and I very pleased with the service I have received.  If you want to eat healthier food, I highly recommend checking them out.

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